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Tips on Cleaning Restrooms in a Place of Business

For facilities managers and business owners – in other words, people who are responsible for keeping a place of business clean – the most critical areas to focus on are often the restrooms. This applies to almost any type of business where customers and clients visit the location, such as restaurants and retail locations, as well as those where only employees are onsite.

While it’s important to keep every area of a place of business clean and sanitary, especially during this time when the world has been dealing with a pandemic, restrooms should be a top priority because they are the most likely area where disease can be spread. It’s also an area where people expect a higher standard of cleanliness, which means a dirty bathroom can be a real turn-off for customers and employees.

In fact, in a recent survey of facility executives published by Contracting Profits magazine, 55 percent consider clean and well-stocked restrooms to be what they expect most of a commercial cleaning service.

More than just appearances

Because public restrooms that are used by multiple people are such a haven for disease-causing germs, it’s important to follow a process when cleaning this area. If the restroom is cleaned quickly without attention to detail, it increases the likelihood that customers and employees will get sick, which is simply bad for business. That’s why we follow a specific sequence at Clean Break Commercial Cleaning that includes the following:

  1. Disinfect all touchpoints. It’s important to start with the common touchpoints in the restroom, which includes flush handles on toilets and urinals, faucet handles on the sinks, door handles, as well as the toilets, urinals, and sinks, using a commercial-grade disinfectant. Most important, let the disinfectant sit on these surfaces while you continue cleaning so they can have a longer dwell time. It’s best to save wiping it down until the end.

  2. Dust vents and high, flat surfaces. By dusting these surfaces early, you're allowing any debris to settle completely before you sweep and mop the floor.

  3. Restock. Check to make sure all the paper supplies, such as toilet tissue, paper towels, seat covers, and sanitary napkin bags are refilled. Also, check hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and the odor control dispensers.

  4. Finish up. Now is the time to wipe down all of the touch-point surfaces you sanitized at the beginning. Be extra thorough while rinsing and drying toilet seats. Otherwise, you risk causing a skin irritation from the chemicals.

At Clean Break Commercial Cleaning, we offer professional cleaning services throughout the Orlando area for a wide range of businesses, including office buildings, churches, schools, bank branches, retail locations, restaurants, medical/dental facilities, and more. Licensed and insured, we recruit, hire and train only the most reliable team members, emphasizing the importance of professionalism. For more information, including a free estimate, please call 321.616.5775 or fill out the contact form on our home page.

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